Q, How does  CaddyLock work?

A. CaddyLock is attached to your golf cart, once attached your bag sets in the device and an our patent pending adjustable arm slides over the edge of the bag and locks in place preventing removal of bag.

Q. Can I still use my clubs with device is locked?

A.Yes, CaddyLock simply locks your bag in place preventing removal.

Q. Where can I purchase CaddyLock?

A. You can purchase CaddyLock at an authorized dealer or order directly from the website.

Q,  Do you offer professional installation?

A. Most authorized dealers offer professional installation at an additional charge.

Q. Does CaddyLock guarantee my bag and clubs cannot be stolen?

A. No, anti-theft devices are not 100% guaranteed from theft, CaddyLock does not imply nor guarantee your bags and clubs from loss.

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